Boyden House Bed and Breakfast $1,095,000

The Boyden House is located in Grand Haven, a "Beachtown Community" built around the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. The Boyden was built in 1874 with a European Influence and handcrafted by the local Artisans of the day creating an exceptional mansion. The Boyden, with 7,000 sq. ft. has seven guest rooms with private baths and a separate Carriage House Suite with 700 sq. ft. for a small family. The Boyden is furnished and revamped with an eclectic and contemporary flair throughout with the use of color, granite, tile and unique woods. Each room is delightfully different, whimsical and interesting.
Our Guests are always enthralled and comment on the stunning Architecture, the original design and the features of the period.
The Boyden is equipped with all the modern amenities and a gourmet kitchen that is a Chef's delight! Owner's quarters are spacious and comfortable with 3 bedrooms and a living area that create a private space. The massive construction makes for a quiet atmosphere.
The Business: Grand Haven has it's own special appeal as a growing, safe and successful community with year round attractions. The Boyden has an excellent reputation with many returning guests and an extensive computer database with guests from 2002 to draw from.
The Boyden is prime to become a "destination" for guests with the addition of intimate dinners, Weddings and Special Events.


  • Built in 1874
  • 23 years as B&B
  • Last renovation in 2011
  • MLS #14044685
  • 8 Guest Rooms
  • 8 Guest Bathrooms
  • Lot size: 0.40 acres
  • 12 Parking Spots
  • Has owner's quarters
  • $1,095,000
  • 42% annual. occ. rate
  • $155.00 avg daily rate
  • $205,000 gross revenue
  • $205,000 room revenue

Listing Agent

Gail Kowalski
301 S Fifth St
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Phone: 616.402.2193
Cell: 616.402.2193
Boyden House Website


301 S Fifth St Corner of Fifth and Lafayette Grand Haven, MI 49417

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