The Woodward Inns on Fillmore $200,000


PRICED INDIVIDUALLY FROM $200,000 - $3,200,000



This is a unique sale opportunity of which a Bed & Breakfast Village is being offered, two Inns together at a time for a total of 6 Inns. At the current time the main Inn will remain with the original owner, but will be offered for sale when the original owner becomes too old to innkeep. This offering is different than other B&Bs for sale in that the sale of each pair of Inns also comes with the foundational support of the main inn, the original owner's continued participation and the family support services for the entire block.

Unlike a traditional sale of a B&B, the new buyers will have the option to utilize the maintenance help, bed chamber help, lawn help, etc of the "family of Inns" if desired and can even count on the foundational support if they wish to travel, meaning that the Inns do not have to be shut down in order for the new owners to be able to get away for their own personal pleasure. This offering really gives the buyer the joy and fun of owning a B&B without all the burden of chores. It also gives the new owners the ability to be less restricted than in a traditional B&B because of the cooperation among the other innkeepers in the block. Further the continued participation of the original owner gives the buyer the experience, reputation and assistance which has gone into 18 years of success!

So, available for sale are 7 Bed and Breakfast Inns, all in the same City Block, developed by the same owner over the last 18 years. In historic central-city neighborhood. Capitol of Kansas in Topeka, near Kansas City. Inns offered 2 at a time (as they sit side-by-side). Topeka, Kansas has been named by Forbes as one of the best small cities for future growth.

Each set of Inns is offered fully furnished, turn-key, with original owner's assistance in marketing, reservations, training, and availability of support such as chamber, lawn, maintenance and vacation coverage services.

The most simple of The Woodward Inns are The Woodward Annexes. The Woodward Annexs are family friendly with 1 finished and open Inn plus a matching sister house which is finished on the exterior but needs total interior renovation - great for a renovator! The Woodward Annexes are available at $200,000 complete including both Annexes.

The Woodward Garden Guesthouse and Garden Guesthouse Two are moderate, family-friendly Inns for economical B&B guests, full-Inn rental for business retreats or family gatherings or long-term business guests. The Garden Guesthouses are available at $400,000 complete including both Guesthouses.

The Woodward Max and The Woodward Executive are luxury Inns with B&B for upper-end guests, long-term executive-class guests or full-Inn rentals for family or business use. The Max has a gourmet style kitchen and is perfect for a chef/owner with a dining room full at 50 guests. Each of The Max and The Executive also hosts small to medium parties, dinners, weddings, etc. The Max also has a new Art Gallery called The Max Gallery and has a two-car historic garage that would make a perfect pet hotel, (The Max Spaw). The Woodward Max and The Woodward Executive are available at $900,000 complete including both The Max and The Executive.

The Woodward Inn, the foundation for The Woodward Inns on Fillmore, is a gothic tudor mansion and also a local historic and architectural attraction. The Woodward hosts larger upper-end weddings, events, dinners, conferences as well as B&B. The Woodward Inn is offered at $3,200,000 complete but is only available after all other Inns have sold or as part of a negotiated purchase of all Inns. While The Woodward mansion is offered to sell last, the current owner who has developed the block over the last 17 years is offering as part of the sales price her coordination, sales, marketing and training until the new owners are ready to manage their Inns on their own. The brilliance of these B&B Inns is the ease to the guest of the full block plan allowing for up to 80 lodging guests at a time (family-style) and parties up to 500 at a time.

The development, management and expansion of The Woodward brand has been operational since 1994 and is recognized in magazines and in awards since that time. The current owner is getting too old to love all 7 Inns and is ready to begin toward retirement. Living in the Midwest is a slow, relaxed pace with each of the Inns maintaining their own. Needed now are new Owners who can take each pair of Inns and add their own enthusiasm so that The Woodward block can rise to its next level. Also planned for the block are Gallery showings (one being developed now is with Peter Max), family activities, adult get-away activities including Calypso Weekends, etc.

Price of the Inns will vary by which Inns (or pairs of Inns) are sold. Ranges are from $200,000 - $3,200,000. Inns are offered fully renovated, fully furnished, stocked and turn-key with current owner's reservation assistance, follow-up training and support. The full block INCLUDING The Woodward Mansion and 2 additional residential properties and a 24-unit boutique hotel called The Woodward Wisteria are also negotiable for sale. Owner will finance up to 80% for qualified buyers. Buyers will have right of first refusal to buy The Woodward Inn when the owner is ready to fully retire.


To see details of each Inn, pictures, history and current activities, visit or call 785-354-7111.


  • Built in 1900
  • Historic Registry
  • 20 years as B&B
  • Last renovation in 2010
  • For Sale By Owner
  • 8 Guest Rooms
  • 8 Guest Bathrooms
  • Lot size: 10 acres
  • 200 Parking Spots
  • Has owner's quarters
  • Has a restaraunt
  • SPA on site
  • $200,000
  • For Sale By Owner
  • $150.00 avg daily rate
  • $380,000 gross revenue

Listing Agent

Elizabeth Taylor
1272 SW Fillmore
Topeka, AL 66604

Phone: 785-354-7111
Cell: 785-354-7111


1272 SW Fillmore Topeka, KS 66604

Photos (click to enlarge)

The view of The Woodward Inn from a crane gives you a full bird's eye of the Inn.
This new photo of The Woodward Inn shows the newly added tile roof after a major storm in 2011. The Queen's Chamber at The Woodward Inns is currently owner's quarters and includes an entire floor.
The North Garden at The Woodward Inn is great for quiet relaxing or for social space. The Living Room at The Woodward is popular for breakfast, dinner or the food hub for large events.
The Woodward Max is second largest of The Woodward Inns and has the most lovely wrap-around front porch.  Popular for mid-range parties as well as luxury romantic get-aways or full-family rentals. The Dining Room at The Woodward Max is great for parties but would also be premier for Chef's table.
The Chocolate Lover's Room at The Woodward Max is very popular for romance. The Gourmet added kitchen at The Woodward Max. Great for a Chef.
The Woodward Max wrap-around front porch is quiet comfortable. The Woodward Executive sits next to The Woodward Max and is available for purchase with The Max.  Both of these Inns are luxury/executive in style.
The Master Bedroom at The Woodward Executive is large and comfortable with a jetted two-person slipper tub. The Woodward Garden Guesthouse is the most popular of the family-friendly Inns.  It sits next to The Garden Guesthouse Two.
The Summer Cottage at Garden Guesthouse Two is very cheerful and hosts families of up to 6 guests. The Garden Guesthouse Two has an upper and lower unit for lodging families or for long term mid-managment guests.

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