Stagecoach Inn $249,000

Stagecoach Inn has been used as a vacation rental for the last 8 years. It is located in the Mystic and More area of CT. It has an enviable location being between the two largest casinos in N. America. It is often rented by Coast Guard cadets and Navy servicemen. The home currently consists of an upper floor that has three bedrooms and a lower floor that has two bedrooms. There is ample room for two more bedrooms on the second floor. The current cost for rental per night is $199. for the first floor and $299. for the second floor. The entire home rents for $399. per night.
The home is of post and beam construction. It has all new electrical, new porch roof and new driveway. All appliances and several pieces of furniture go with the home.


  • Potential B&B
  • Built in 1790
  • Historic Registry
  • 8 years as B&B
  • Last renovation in 2006
  • For Sale By Owner
  • 5 Guest Rooms
  • 2 Guest Bathrooms
  • Lot size: 0.28 acres
  • 7 Parking Spots
  • Has owner's quarters
  • $249,000
  • For Sale By Owner
  • $299.00 avg daily rate

Listing Agent

Carol Matsumoto
111 route 2A
Poquetanuck, CT 06365

Phone: 8009821772
Captain Grant's
Ted Matsumoto


119 Route 2A Poquetanuck, CT 06365

Photos (click to enlarge)

This is the front view of the home. The porch has new railings, a new roof and new floor. The door under the porch leads to the basement and remains of an old slave tunnel. The home aided runaway slaves.
This is one of the bedrooms on the second floor. Most of the furniture in this room stays with the home. This is bedroom number 2 on the second floor. Doesn't it look cozy?
This is bedroom number 3 on  the second floor. This bed will stay with the home. This a view of the home as seen from the driveway. All of the plants are perennials.
This is the upstairs living room. Most of the furniture in this room stays with the home. A small porch off of the second floor kitchen. A perfect place for that morning cup of coffee.
A small stone patio were the grill sits waiting to be used. This is a partial image of the second floor kitchen. It is quite a large kitchen
This is the first floor kitchen. The table seats 6 but does not go with the home. All appliances go with the home. This bedroom is on  the first floor. It currently has two twin beds in it but could easily fit a queen bed. One bed in this room goes with the home.
This is the second bedroom on the first floor. It currently has a queen size bed in the room. This room has four windows. This is a view of the living room on the first floor. This is a fairly good sized room which you can't tell from the picture. The furniture in this room does not go with the home.
This is a second view of the first floor kitchen. You can see that it is quite a large space. On the left side of the picture are the washer and dryer. There is a set on each floor and they stay with the property.

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